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How to make chocolate milk

Whether dark or milky, chocolate is a versatile flavour and happens to go down well if mixed with milk, whether served hot, cold, or in between. The term chocolate milk usually refers to the cold version, while hot chocolate is often made by a different method. Cold chocolate milk can be very refreshing on a hot day.

How to make chocolate milk shake

A popular beverage served at restaurants and other food vendors world wide, is chocolate milk shake. This is a chocolate mixture added to milk and "shaken" or mixed to make a creamy chocolate flavoured beverage. Many serve chocolate milk shakes containing soft-serve vanilla ice-cream and a pre-made chocolate syrup. The ice-cream in this case has a thicker creamier texture or consistency than just plain milk on it's own, making a much tastier drink.

Creamy chocolate milk

To make chocolate milkshake is easy, just put chocolate syrup, chocolate sauce, or chocolate powder into a sealable container with your milk, and shake it repeatedly until well mixed. If you use any hot mixtures, such as chocolate powder dissolved in boiling water, take good care to let it cool before shaking it up in a closed container, or it might release hot steam that causes the container to "pop". This can get everywhere and even burn you, so be very careful.

Supermarket dairy section shelves are covered in a wide variety of chocolate milk. chocolate flavoured drinking yogurt and other dairy products flavoured with chocolate. Some of these are expensive to buy pre-made and as a result, there are many dry premix chocolate milk additives available. These are usually chocolate flavoured powders that are added to milk and stirred to make chocolate milk. One can usually yield more chocolate milk for the amount of money paid, when making homemade chocolate milk this way, than buying it ready-made off the shelves.

When making chocolate milk at home, there are a good few ways to go about it. Some people like to stir store-bought chocolate syrup into a glass of milk, others prefer the dry chocolate powder, or cocoa powder (also a very good ingredient for making chocolate truffles). Some people are willing to go through more effort and melt solid chocolate into a silky consistency and mix in milk, cream, ice-cream, or all of the above.

How to make chocolate milk with real chocolate

To make chocolate milk by the chocolate melting recipe - probably the best method - first melt your chocolate in a ceramic or glass mixing bowl, over a steaming pot of water. Do not allow your bowl to touch the hot or boiling water, only let the steam provide the heat that melts the chocolate. Aid  the melting process by first breaking up the chocolate into pieces, and stirring gently, preferably with a wooden spoon.

Making chocolate milk from cooking chocolate

Now that you have molten chocolate you can add milk, single or double cream, or ice-cream. Add your milk slowly and stir as you go, to make sure that the ingredients mix properly together. Now you have a rich chocolate flavoured milk mixture that you can serve while still hot, or put it aside and let it cool for a while. Let it cool on a counter top for a few minutes before putting straight into the refrigerator, to prevent the bowl from cracking.

Cooling your chocolate milk will change the consistency, or viscosity, as the chocolate part of it started out as a solid, so be sure you add enough milk or cream to your recipe to keep it from going hard or lumpy. 

To make the best chocolate milk, and end up with a very rich concentrated chocolate flavour, one can use rich double chocolate ice-cream, and mix it into the melted chocolate. The more expensive the chocolate you buy, usually the purer it is, so for the most natural and delicious chocolate milk flavour and texture, use good chocolate. Ask your local store manager for a recommendation on the best value chocolate varieties.

As an interesting twist, some instant coffee powder can be added and stirred into your chocolate milk mixture to taste. This creates a unique coffee taste and adds caffeine into the mix. Caffeine is a stimulant and adults should be asked before adding any amount of coffee into chocolate milk.

A fun way to spruce up your chocolate milk, usually preferred by kids with a an especially sweet tooth, is to put chocolate candy or marshmallows into it.Also a very enjoyable is to dunk a chocolate cookie in your milk. If you want to, you can also learn how to make chocolate cookies.